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Assessment study cites Riverbank’s Back to the River master plan as a ‘hero’ asset for area


The Riverbank is Brandon’s “central park” providing a serene and beautiful place for families to play and pursue a healthy lifestyle. The area has become home to many events that contribute to an active and prosperous community.

About the Discovery Centre

Brandon Riverbank Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1995. Brandon Riverbank Inc. embarked on the long-term process of developing the Assiniboine River Corridor to be a gathering place connecting people with nature.

Programs & Camps

There is always something new for the family to learn when you visit the Assiniboine River Corridor! Folks can reconnect with nature, while exploring the beautiful trail systems and interpretive pond. Learn about Manitoba wildlife at our family activity space or register your kids in classroom lessons via our interpretive programs or Summer Swamp Camps!

Back to the River

Brandon's Assiniboine River Corridor Master Plan 2015-2035
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Events & Initiatives

The Riverbank Discovery Centre works in partnership with many community groups to serve Brandon and the Westman area as a cornerstone space to host educational and cultural initiatives, promote environmental stewardship and to foster healthy community relationships. We host many annual/seasonal initiatives on Riverbank grounds and are constantly working with our community partners to find other new interesting and unique things to bring to the Riverbank.